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Dustless Media Blasting Cured With Protective Epoxy Coating

Our state-of-the-art dustless media blasting method, finished with protective epoxy coating, is the best way to strip, protect and preserve your custom automobile.

Through our dustless wet- media blasting technique there is no damage, warping, or vehicle disfigurement as a result of the process and it’s ideal for safely stripping classic automobiles.

Our protective epoxy coating is renowned for it’s exemplary mechanical properties, which helps prevent rust and corrosion by sealing, defending, and hardening all surfaces.

Rust is the oxidation of iron, along with the absorption of water. Rust is the result of corroding steel after the iron particles have been exposed to oxygen and moisture (e.g., humidity, vapor, immersion). Rust and oxidation can start to develop immediately if unprotected. The oxidation process eats away at the metal and creates visible and harmful rust on the metal’s surface. The lifespan of an uncoated metal that is susceptible to rust is exceptionally shorter than one that is cured with a protective epoxy coating.

Wet Blasting Before and After

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